Social Media Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses

search_or_socialRunning a small business comes with its own set of perks as well as struggles. On one hand, you enjoy the sense of freedom running your own team. On the other side, you end up putting in insane hours. Here we present you with some simple ideas and strategies to change your workflow and to increase your revenue.

1. Mark your Presence online
This is the first and foremost step you have to take to survive in this digital era. Even if you run a business in a corner of Tamil Nadu, like Tirunelveli, your business can benefit with the rightly built website. You can contact a web design Tirunelveli & social media marketing consultant to design an appealing as well as a functional website for your business.

If you think that most consumers in your hometown prefer word of mouth recommendations over search results, then you are wrong. A recent study indicates that the site which ranks first on Google gets 33% of the entire traffic. Read more about the survey here at

2. Simplify your Tasks with the help of Tools
The power of social media is something that can’t be overlooked. Facebook has more than one billion active users and more than 3 million tweets are sent out every single day. How can you look through this colossal data to find information relevant to your niche? The answer is you can’t do it manually. However, with the help of the right tools, the entire task gets simplified. You need tools like DrumUp that can sift through the massive loads of data to find high-quality information suited for you. You can then share the contents with your followers and remain connected with them easily.

3. Your Contents should add Value to your End-User
Spend some time analyzing your target audience. Gather information about them as this is crucial when defining your marketing strategies. Then the next step is to share contents that are bound to resonate with your target audience. For instance, if you are dealing with accessories for teenagers then sharing a cookery tip on your page, makes no sense. So spend some time gathering topics and information relevant to your clientele and then share it on your social networks.

4. Mix up the formats of the Contents you share
If there is one thing that is bound to pull in more likes and shares on your page, then it is the freshness quotient. People get bored easily. So if you keep on sharing the same type of contents day in and day out, then your audience are sure to lose interest. Keep it interesting by varying the formats. Videos, gifs, images, infographics, graphs, charts are all ways to keep your contents interesting and engaging.

5. Let your content Reflect your Personality
All the contents you share on your page should reflect your personality. You can add the personal factor your contents by these three easy ways:
· Include a personal greeting
· State your opinion
· Ask for feedback from your followers

Take your small business to the next level by following these tips. Do you have any other social media marketing strategies? Share them with us in the comments below!

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